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HUMANATURE Self-Cultivation Programme 2021/22

Movement and Nature Immersion

Join us in this deep dive into natural health as we immerse ourselves in the revitalising energy of nature and Qigong. Rewilding ourselves helps us to remember and refuel. It helps us regain the power and nourishment from the deep connection into nature and natural movement, recollecting who we are and what we are part of.

Deepening our health and happiness practice

The coronavirus lockdown forced us into a long period of isolation and introspection. Learning these natural practices will help you rebalance and deepen your own practices for health and happiness. Each month is designed to help you ease yourself back into the wider world, reconnect with others and restore your equilibrium.

Forming a tribe with like-heart-minded people within 700 acres of nature in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, we’ll experience the nurturing and healing benefits of nature connectedness and Qigong. Spending precious time on the land, we’ll come back to ourselves and the Earth.

Together we’ll practice broadening our awareness and minimising our disturbances, observing nature on its own terms, and harvesting the wisdom it has to offer. We’ll uncover the secrets of Qigong and work with the revolutionary IQ Meridians through learning the dynamic yet subtle Myofa Qigong. We’ll make friends with nature, ourselves and each other.

We use this as an opportunity to check out from all things digital. Then, we’ll reflect and harvest the fruits from the very strange eighteen months that we have all endured.

We often forget that WE ARE NATURE. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.” Andy Goldsworthy

Nature Connectedness

Savouring nature’s sensory beauty goes without saying, but science also tells us that spending time in nature and building a connection with it is good for us.

This programme applies the ground-breaking evidence from the Nature Connectedness Research Group at The University of Derby. Highlights of their studies reveal:

  • Nature connectedness is linked to feeling good and functioning well, encouraging higher levels of personal growth.

  • People who took part reported sustained increases in connection to nature, happiness, health, and pro-nature behaviours.

Myofa Qigong

Developed by Deniz, this form of qigong combines Qigong and Dao Yin, combining slow and deep, dynamic and rhythmic, stimulating and invigorating, mellow and melting exercises and movement sequences.

IQ Meridians

Two interrelated, interconnected systems central to Qigong are the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) network of meridians or energy channels along with the all-permeating 'biological fabric' of the body's connective tissue - our Fascia.

Fascia is the conduit for electrical energy, or qi, as it travels throughout our bodies. Anatomists extensively study these pathways of fascia. Due to their anatomical locations, they have an inescapable connection to TCM meridians, and we call these Integrated Qigong (IQ) Meridians. We explore that the human body's fascia network to be the physical substance represented by the meridians of TCM. When the countries of the West talk of Myofascial Meridians, the East talk of energy channels. There is no distinction between these two views; it is just a question of interpretation.

Venue and Location

Set within 700 acres of Natural conservation park, Pensthorpe, home to BBC’s Springwatch, is found near Fakenham, North Norfolk.

Stylish, serene and utterly versatile, we’ll have private use of the Garden Room & Water Court, which are adjacent indoor and outdoor areas boasting a discreet lakeside position with stunning views across the water. With its bespoke Italian marble features, the contemporary glass-clad Garden Room joins the Italianate inspired Water Court, a beautiful tranquil outdoor space characterised by unique features including stained glass panels, elegant Italian Cypress trees and trickling water fountains.

HUMANATURE Self Cultivation Programme Package

  • 12 full days of teaching, one day of teaching each month for 12 months (worth £2400).

  • Developed by HUMANATURE founder and principal teacher, Deniz will be teaching you the all-encompassing Myofa Qigong for all sessions.

  • Receive individual guidance and coaching to tailor-make your own practice for optimal benefit.

  • Each teaching day will be on a Sunday.

  • All teaching dates will be announced beforehand so you can get organised in plenty of time.

  • Build a new relationship with nature for your wellbeing and that of the rest of the natural world.

  • All sessions will be taught from the Garden Room and Water Court at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve, and we’ll have access to 700 acres of this stunning environment for our nature practices (worth £155.40)

  • All participants will receive a signed copy of Deniz’s Move Life Better book, which will reinforce the course teachings of Nature Connectedness, Myofa Qigong and IQ Meridians to help you maximise your understanding and full potential (worth £15.99). “This book is the spark that will surely ignite a revolution in the way in which Qigong is practised and taught in the modern world. More far-reaching is that it will empower many individuals to restore and maintain their health.” Dr Hung D Tran MBBS

  • All participants will receive free access to, including daily live classes and Myofa Qigong teaching videos (worth £96).

  • Certified by the instructor, Ready Mark, all participants can be assured that all appropriate Government measures to run COVID-19 compliant classes have been taken, including appropriate social distancing, hygiene, and risk assessments.


The total programme value is £2667.30. I believe this is the right time for us to be investing in ourselves, and I don’t want you to miss this opportunity, so should you wish to join us, the cost of the package will be £1795.

Early Bird Offer

If you book before 31st July 2021, you can take advantage of our ‘Early Bird’ offer of £1595, saving £200.

How to book

To book your place, please email Deniz directly at

Programme Dates


  • 19th September

  • 17th October

  • 14th November

  • 12th December


  • 9th January

  • 6th February

  • 20th March

  • 24th April

  • 22nd May

  • 26th June

  • 24th July

  • 7th August

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to continue and complete the programme for any reason, you will be liable for the full amount. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given.

Should the sessions be cancelled we will offer an alternative session date. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given.


  • If you present with any COVID symptoms - a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, please do not attend the session and contact Deniz directly.

  • Wearing face coverings will be optional.

  • Deniz will take a lateral flow test before each session, and for everyone’s peace of mind, he asks all participants to voluntarily take a test too.

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