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I teach mindful living and Qigong, a branch of Chinese medicine.

Group taught but individually nourished; Qigong makes you happier and healthier, helping to restore balance.  And it’s Happy People that Change the World.

I can help anyone of any age;  my oldest student is 94!

I live - teach - practice and share Mindful Living and Qigong

If you suffer from ill health, chronic pain, difficulty moving or are struggling with your mental health, Qigong can help you.

If you’d like an integrative medicine to compliment that of the western world, and be able to look after your general health and wellbeing more proactively, then Qigong can help you.

If you yearn for more spiritual practice, then Qigong can help you.

Or if you need an alternative to the gym, fitness classes or swimming, Qigong can help you.

The benefits? Improved mobility, less pain, a calmer more grounded approach and an equipped ‘health toolbox’ that you can take anywhere and use anytime you need to.

Try my free 1 hour classes at 8 am every day or subscribe for £7.99 per month to access ‘catch up’ and +100 teaching videos.

Let me teach you Qigong.

My 25 years’ experience with world-renowned teachers will help you Move Life Better.

Here's a video from a few students and healthcare professionals who wanted to share their message with you.

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