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Move Life Better brings to life the techniques of Integrated Qigong, the Award Winning holistic therapeutic movement method that can be incorporated into all body-minded practices.

It’s an experiential guide that trains you through the Myofascial ‘IQ’ Meridians to maximise your body’s physical and energetic potential, a practice to facilitate all communications between every single body part, where we have our entire intelligence, intuition and feeling.

By implementing intelligent movements that activate a group of muscles lying along a particular channel or ‘Meridian’, rather than isolating single muscles you reinforce actions that are innately healthful and beneficial for form and function, and also help to address imbalances of mood and emotion.

Understanding the IQ Meridians – their location, function and sensory qualities will revolutionise how you “exercise”. This method doesn’t require you to be an expert in anatomy and physiology, nor do you need to be to have a deep knowledge of Eastern medicine. Move Life Better is a modernised method that blends the best of proactive health with the nurturing philosophies of Qi from the East. It is an effective, streamlined, simplified and adaptive system where East meets West, where Movement is Medicine.

No matter your health goals or athletic pursuits, this book can help you achieve a new level of fitness and a deeper understanding of how your body and mind work – both in practice and in your day-to-day life.

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