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Deep Flow Qigong Workshop

  • 22 British pounds
  • Waterloo Park Pavilion | Norwich

Workshop Details

A Move Life Better 'Deep Flow' workshop captures the positive mental state of being completely absorbed, focused, and involved in qigong, as well as deriving enjoyment from being engaged in the practice, and not to forget the endless health benefits of qigong. The feelings that would consume you under normal circumstances (inhibition, sadness, fatigue, anxiety, stress, aches and pains) melt away, and all that matters is that moment. “My mind isn’t wandering. I am not thinking of anything else. I am totally involved in what I am doing. My body feels good. I don’t seem to hear anything. The world seems to be cut off from me. I am less aware of myself and without consciously being involved, my mind and body have the chance to holistically process my 'stuff', I clear the muddy waters." Deniz Paradot At each stand-alone monthly workshop we’ll explore our qigong practice, meditation and Qi-ssage. As part of our practice is building a like-heart-minded community, I invite you to stay for a cuppa and chat after each workshop (finishes at 12pm). All abilities and experience are welcome. Qigong. A therapeutic-meditative-movement exercise that consists of gentle flowing movements, natural breathing and awareness. The cost of each workshop is £22 per person. Places will be limited and only reserved when full payment is received. No refunds can be given. CANCELLATION POLICY With two weeks notice you can transfer your workshop to one other date only. Any cancellations within two weeks of the workshop date cannot be carried forward and refunds cannot be given.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Workshops are non-refundable. If you cannot make the workshop, a minimum of two weeks notice is required to carry over your workshop to one other date only. Cancellations with less than two weeks notice cannot be carried forward.

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