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Deniz Paradot


In-person and Online Classes

The best teachers always seem to have a few things in common: they see you, they hear you, they encourage you forward without forcing your steps, they empower you leaving you saying “we did this ourselves”. They are there for you, in whatever way you need. Deniz provides just this: a carefully-structured weekly practice of  live online Qigong and Mindful Living that will nurture your growth, in person.


Join Deniz at one of his monthly Deep Flow workshops at the Sandys-Winsch Community Room,Waterloo Park in Norwich and/or join him online every Friday at 10am.

An expert opinion

This the spark that will surely ignite a revolution in the way in which Qigong is practised and taught in the modern world. More far reaching is that it will empower many individuals to restore and maintain their health.

Dr Hung D Tran MBBS

Monastery to Modern Day Life


A “modern-day monk” and the “calmest man in Norfolk” says BBC Radio Norfolk presenter Chrissie Jackson. Deniz is “a master in the living traditions” of the Eastern Life Arts and the founder of Move Life Better (Qigong and Mindful Living), the Centre of Integrated Qigong for Health and Wellness CIC (IQ for Health) and the Norfolk & Norwich Taiji Qigong School (NNTQS). An expert in his field, he has an infectious sense of humour and excellent communication skills.

Deniz is the founder, developer and master trainer of the Award Winning IQ for Health programmes. His IQ for Health programmes received the coveted Active Norfolk ‘Activity in the Community’ Award 2019, and most recently his work has been nominated for the RCNi Nursing Awards 2020.

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